That’s right, another new venture starting in covid-19 season but will this last? I thought now would be the best time than ever to give this ago so here’s my story.

This all started in 2015 when I was a foundation dentist in Kent and there was an annual baking competition between the new dentists in the area. It was my turn to bake one week and I brought out my salted caramel brownies (recipe to follow soon!) which apparently went down a treat because I ended up winning the competition! For someone who does not really win many things this was definitely a bit of a rush.

Its funny when people assume dentists avoid any type of sugar/sweets/chocolate/cakes. If you ever see the staff room of a dental surgery, I promise you’ll feel the local corner shop was emptied out there.

I didn’t really come back to baking until a few years later when I was working in south London. My instagram account started getting taken over by my baking posts and it was suggested to me by my cousin that I should take this opportunity to make a seperate baking account which led to “Rukkiethebaker”.

Since then, whenever I have had time, I would find recipes on the internet on sites like “BBC good food” and literally go for it. A lot of time, I was successful in getting a good result so I just kept going on.

And now here we are! Thank you if you’re still reading this haha.


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